Thinks She’s Too Good For Everyone

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is 32 year old MAYELA GOMEZ, AKA “Angel.” She currently hops around places to live until she gets kicked out or evicted. If she really has no where to live, she finds comfort in the housing projects where her best friend Rachel lives. Classy right? On her free time, which happens to be everyday( because she chooses to not take care of her responsibilities), she likes to chill in a smoke haze, drink, chase nasty Greg and I am pretty sure she likes her fair share of Pepsi as well. The sad part is that she chooses to be a slot instead of taking care of her two girls. Which is probably a good thing because when she does see them, she just shows them what a real trashy lifestyle is. I once heard her youngest talk about how her mom works at a strip club and a man paid her $30 just to touch her leg and now mama makes a lot of money. She actually took both of her daughters to the strip club to pick up her “paycheck” too. How ridiculous is that? Thankfully, at some point this past year, she punished her eldest for wearing make-up by beating her up(her eldest is in high school)and bruising up her face(mugshot included). She now is running from the law because of this incident and can not see both of her girls. Which gives her more time to consume smegma from the nasty gregs she gets with. On top of all that, she thinks that is so beautiful and that she is god’s gift to this Earth… Some Angel right? She is also know to get into bar fights and having bottles broken over her face.

She also thinks people don’t notice her drooping her lip to make the duck face.- n

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