This Girls Is As Dumb As She Looks

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this girls as dumb as she looks

this girls as dumb as she looks

this girls as dumb as she looks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Chelsea Jocelyn is actually begging to be put on the dirty again. She took this pic for you (fingering the camera in front of her old beamer) to show you she doesn’t care about the dirty. Yet responds to every comment and it’s all she’s talking about on her fb. Sure you don’t care Chelsea. She also has no clue what the dirty is all about, she thinks its creeps she keeps getting posted calling it “fatal attraction type sh*t” because she thinks she has stalkers now. newsflash you f*ckin tool this website was made for ppl like you who think they’re something when they’re not. When you say things like “kisses to skinny b*tches” to your friends you wonder why your shallow, ugly ass is on here. Nik, can you explain to narrow minded Chelsea you don’t have stalkers to be put on blast.

Wake up Chelsea. Your quest for attention is just making your face look old.- nik

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