This Pimp That Sleeps With All His Girls

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This Pimp sleeps with all his prostitutes

This Pimp sleeps with all his prostitutes

This Pimp sleeps with all his prostitutes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jay Cole and his prized prostitute Jeanine Alexis Prado.  He takes her out to places with his friends like she’s his girlfriend when really she’s just his bottom b*tch. He used to live in the Promenade, apartments right next to Saddleback College, and he had this wh*re and 2 others living with him. First of all I personally really don’t think its such a good idea to be eating off the same plates and drinking out of the same cups as a bunch of filthy sl*ts that are sucking cock all day long but this guy would even take it a step further by actually tampering with his Client’s “Products” so to speak by having unprotected sex with all his own prostitutes! Its absolutely disgusting and I hope his AIDS Greg falls off so he can stop spreading drds to everyone! I don’t even understand how this guy can do these things and pimp out these women when he himself was raised around his Mother and Sisters and even has a daughter himself. It’s okay though Karma’s a b*tch and although I wish no harm upon his daughter when his daughter grows up she will inevitable have more than just a few relationships and she will get played out by other men, and they’ll use her and in the end if she even decides to one day become a prostitute I wonder what Jay will say then to her pimp knowing he’s doing the same damn thing to other people’s daughters and mothers. This guy definitely needs to be put on blast!

Never understood why pimps call their main b*tch, bottom b*tch.  Just doesn’t make any sense.- nik

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