THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This so called, “Redneck Woman” is Jen Rouse! She is not redneck at all and pure white trash. Her family used to own the Barbecue joint in Shawnee Kansas that closed after only a few years. After 6 years, she still spouts off how much money they have…when they are 30k millionaires if that! I did hook-up with this girl a lot before she got preggo by her wigger boyfriend! Haha about 3 years back I busted this dudes nose when he stepped to me repping Wyandotte County…nothing to be proud of! He had no idea I was putting it to his old lady at their apartment when he went to work! She is nothing but a dirty durty and needs to be put on blast! I am going to puke again.

You sound way to proud to have stuck it in this thing.- nik