This Should Ruin Her Little Game

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Amie, the most convincing tranny in Coquitlam. “She” thinks “she” is the hottest sh*t around, when really she is nothing more than a tall over tanned ogar with witch extensions. “She” changes her profile picture more than she probably changes her crusty underwear. “She” is obsessed with her LOOKS. Im pretty sure the majority of her day is spent editing and “picniking” her photos on facebook to make her tranny *ss look half decent. Any chance she gets she will posts photos that are shot from angles that are looking down her shirt to show her saggy t*ts. This SLooT needs to have some respect. She is also the biggest closet sloot ever! She made out with the guy i was dating at the club when she knew me and him were dating and even begged him to go into the bathroom so she could show off her Greg skills. She also gave his friend a hand job while taking a taxi to the club once. She thinks no one knows that she is a sloot because she makes sure all the guys dont know each other or hang out with the same ppl. But ppl are talking.

I think girls who change their Facebook profile picture more than once a day have some serious issues.- nik

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