This Sloot Stole My Friends Man

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A bitch that I work with stole my friend's man .. She is such a HOOKER !!!!

A bitch that I work with stole my friend's man .. She is such a HOOKER !!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty hooker that I work with, who sleeps with everyone … and I mean everyone !! Stole my friends fiancé …. Such a low life b*tch !! Her name is Holly Cheplak and she slept her way into a promotion with my friend’s man, after my friend got her the job there !! She has been known to sleep with multiple men in a 24 hour period … She even called herself SMELLY CAT bec her nasty p*ssy stunk so bad .. My friend put them on blast on Fb and they cried like b*tches !! I couldn’t make public comments bec I work with the douche bags … He isn’t any better … almost comes across gay, hell we all talk about how gay he is all the time … He is a Venezuelan Douche that only cares about himself … he is crazy MF too … running around like an *sshole! The funny thing is that he used to say horrible things about his new whore … She is a horrible mother that only feeds her kids Del Taco and McDonalds (4 kids btw) – one dying, one trying to [] himself … she never spends any time with them and to top it off she is a hoarder … Like on the show… nasty *ss b*tch !! Dirty p*ssy and a dirty house !! They work at Wyndham Vacation Ownership in-house dept… same as me if you want to come watch a wh*re and douche in action !!! WARNING – Women.. watch your man around this hooker !! Men … watch your d*cks, they will fall off!!

Warning: gregs may get lost in her wrinkles.- nik

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