Three Times The Names For Three Times The Sloot

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THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik where do we begin. Well this trashy little number has enough drds, addictions and names for three entries. So lets start with that Tokyn Thompson, Johnny Seven, and Jacqui Daniels. Tokyn is her real name (who really knows though) the other two are stripper names. You don’t need to look farther than her drawn on eyebrows and tattoos to know this girl is a walking disease. The jack Daniels logo sits above that worn out biohazard she calls a vagina. She spends most of her time sleeping with married men to support her drug habits and makes a home where ever a man is dumb enough to fall for her “Im so helpless take care of me act!” After the money dries up she’s on the next victim! Her last gold mine at least had the smarts to finally dump her after she spent the money he gave her to pick-up food and diapers for his daughter on booze. She is another so called dancer from TLC where she spent most of her time so high on crank they kept her in a cage. But The little drug addict is so dumb she managed to get fired from stripping. YES FIRED FROM STRIPPING. Guess TLC must of got this girl to take a papsmear. To bad this murderer doesnt care and continues to spread her drds all over. Ladies watch your men because this slut will be happy to share her stds with you as long as your man can supply her with enough booze and coke. She doesn’t even have a job now that she isn’t a stripper. The only reason she isn’t some fat slob living in the trailer park is the coc**ne diet. Normally I wouldnt waste my time on scum like her till I found out she slept with my boyfriend…if you see this killer out on the street dont fall for her sweet act shell take you for all you have and repay the kindness by sleeping with your boyfriend. Let this be warning men and women of saskatoon the girl has 3 names and a body builder protecting her cause shes makes enemies everywhere she goes she needs to be stopped.

She’s also got two times the pit and two times the hip.- nik

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