EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Hendra Claps Back At Vicki Gunvalson, Responds To Racist Claims

EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Hendra Claps Back At Vicki Gunvalson, Responds To Racist Claims

Yesterday, The Dirty exclusively reported Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson’s comments in response to Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra talking about her in a recent interview. Now, we have received a response from Hendra in regards to what Gunvalson said about her.

“I don’t really care,” Hendra exclusively told us in response to Gunvalson’s comments about her.

“I mean seriously, I don’t,” she continued.

“After 11 yrs of this game she should know she’s going to have people who adore her and people that don’t,” Hendra added. “I mean hell, I learned that in just one year [on RHOD].”

Hendra also responded to claims that she is a racist based on comments she made in the interview where she said, “In Texas- what I will say that I do know about is that women are being raped here in Texas and these women in random places from these immigrants. So that is what scares me. That is what scares me.”

“No, they [the Mexican immigrants] are,” she continued when questioned if in Texas, illegal Mexicans account for a lot of the crime.

“They’re coming in and that’s what’s happening,” she added. “Just with stealing, rape, and the drug problem.”

She told us exclusively that, “Of course I’m not racist. I’m mixed ethnicity and was pretty much raised color blind in a very racially diverse area of Houston with Mexican Americans, Asians and African Americans. All my BFF’s growing up were Hispanic! My first serious boyfriend was Hispanic.”

“Ugh so stupid how it’s being twisted,” she continued. “I did not point out Mexicans … I stated ANY illegal immigrant who is bringing corruption into our country! My hubby and father are immigrants who came over and went through due process and [were] vetted legally. I’m all for people coming to our country if they are vetted, abide by our legal system, etc”.

“I am VERY passionate about this because Texas is a leading state in sex slavery!” she added. “I mentored an underage girl who was a sex slavery victim by an illegal immigrant drug dealer. She was raped numerous times and he beat her and kicked her face in with a steel toed boot, breaking her occipital bone, putting her in ICU. Thank God he was deported! Girls are being lured into this by Americans and Illegals. It just needs to be stopped and I will continue during my voice and platform to bring awareness.”

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