Tiffany Sumka

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I have to post something about this girl knowing shes already been posted up here. Well all of Selkirk and all of Winnipeg hate this bitch to death now. One of my friends friend is dying because of Tiffany. I will give you the full story for you. She was dating this guy from my home town and ended up using this guy as much as she could. She played him like a fool and not only that but fcken had the conscience to cheat on him. He wrote his life story on the internet and one of his friends showed the world who this girl really is. I don’t know tiffany all too well anymore but went to school with her and did some stuff together. This guy is the most hard working guy that wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He personally told me he got into trouble when we was younger but cleaned his act up because he thought this girl was his soulmate for life. He’s been out of jail for awhile now and didn’t deserve what this queen bitch slut did to him. This guy is dying of prostate cancer and refuses any treatment because this slut didn’t have the consience to tell him she decided to go on a dating site before breaking his heart. Nik this girl is a waste of time. Everyone in Selkirk is worried cause this guy is literally dying each day. Nik she also knew about his cancer when she was cheating on him. She even said to him ” Don’t worry all help you out all the way” What a total piece of living garbage. I’ve obtained photos from one of her friends that feel bad as well for this guy and they’ve all agreed to blast her for this shit shes caused. This guys mother is sick as well and he doesn’t give a shit about his life anymore and has quit his job now. I stopped by his house to see him and he was in total pain. I can’t stomach this girls actions at all. Nik, he would always help out shelters and donate his time to hand out meals with my sister on christmas day at our local soup kitchen. Tiffany dropped by this guys house and what he told me, all she said to him was sorry I’ve moved on and I got a better boyfriend. Nik he couldn’t be with her a lot of the last year they were together due to the fact his family was going threw a lot of financial troubles that happen to most of everyone in life. I’m living on my own and going to school as well, Its damn hard but I manage with two roommates and on top of that I’ve got a boyfriend that cares for me even tho I can’t buy him the gifts he would like. Tiffany you don’t see me dumping my boyfriend over not spending enough money on me. I have a lot of morals and one of them if to be honest to everyone around me. Tiffany even tho I went to school with you, Don’t play the feel sorry for me i’m the victim because of your actions on what you did to Mike, he’s dying and not wanting treatment for cancer at all! Tiffany you’re pretty much the only one to make things right speak to him because he told me that theres only one girl that would convince him to get the treatment he needs fast. I remember the times we hung out in the gym, went for tim hortons, to even playing some sports with you as well. I guess times have changed and you’ve changed. Please know if he does pass away that everyone will know you were the cause of it. He even took the website down and rewrote it so you would look alot better because he still thinks you can change your self for the better. Nik I would really thank you so much if you could put a post under neither telling the world Tiffany is really a heartless bitch and Mike don’t give up hope everyone cares about you and please get help! Tiffany if you want to meet me about my post all gladly be so much as to met you face to face instead of going to your dad or mom’s house. Tiffany I hope you know you have torn up this guys life up. Make it right Tiffany and go visit him please before its too late! Nik I’ve giving you my phone number and at anytime I hear things change all keep you posted on mikes health. Thanks for your website Nik because if it wasn’t for you, a lot of people wouldn’t know who people really are !

Tough mudder looks like the most exercise she’s gotten in years, possibly her life.- nik

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