THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Here are some more screen captures that were collected in Tila’s chat room tonight. I’m a Mom of 2 young girls and am completely disgusted by what is going on in that room and apparently, Tila knows it and doesn’t give a sh*t. I’ve gone in there every night this week and I’ve seen everything from 12 year old stripping, to old men masturbating to said girls stripping, to full on sexual intercourse & last night, Tila and her “fiance” were in there naked in the bath tub. There were over 500 people in the chat last night and I saw at least 15 of those people admit to being under 18, while Tila was in the room. We’ve sent all this information to TMZ, Perez, MTO, etc; but so far, you’re the only one who will put her on blast. PLEASE continue to get this story out there; PLEASE! I’ve included some of the screen caps below and if you require any other information, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to forward it along.

Lock her up already… the world will be a safer place.  I decided.- nik

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