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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amber has been on here a few times. I’ve read most comments about how her personality changes with any new guy she ends up with. I ran into her a few weeks ago and she has a brand new accent even though she hasn’t lived anywhere different. She has become someone different again now that she is with a guy who knows guns. I remember a while back when she went through her gangsta phase and she pretended like she owned a stolen gun because she thought it made her sound tough. Then she found a new guy who wasn’t like that and the idea of guns was repulsive again. Now she’s on the other side again and pushing this whole survivalist idea without knowing anything she’s talking about. She’s parroting a bunch of people she works with because she can’t have her own opinion, it has to be formed for her by people whose acceptance she needs. She posts pictures of guns laying around her house, talking about how she is drinking and “protecting” herself. She’s getting drunk, has a weapon out in the open, and has two kids. She talks about how her guns are always getting stolen, so she doesn’t have them locked up properly. Now after the tragedy in Connecticut, she’s in full on “everyone needs an assault rifle to protect themselves” mode. People who don’t know how to take care of their own guns are the last people who should be promoting more guns. Imagine the blood that could be on her hands because she didn’t take care of her gun and it was stolen.
I hope something changes in her life soon because her children are growing up in the same type of environment that the murderer in Connecticut was – a survivalist for a mother who is always freaking out about the government, teaching them that being paranoid is normal.

She’s lacking a few hundred ornaments for my liking,.- nik

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