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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s my story. My 10 year old daughter recently got a cell phone for her birthday. Since then, her friend’s father has been texting her multiple times daily. Asking how she’s doing, telling her he’s proud of her for academic acheivments, etc. He even goes as far as texting her in the middle of the night because he saw that she posted on a social networking sites. He is very involved and almost overbearing with the kids. Constantly wanting to take my daughter places with his kids and over-offering his help. He does not have many adult relationships and it is hard to engage with him. However, he has no trouble texting all his kids friends. I told my daughter not to text him back, and when she didn’t he just kept texting and then texted another friend to see what they were doing. I confronted him about it after he texted her at 1am asking her what she was doing up. He has now apologized and admitted he was wrong and inappropriate. However, he will not stop with the apologizing and saying it’s eating him alive that we would think he’s inappropriate. It’s getting really weird. I just want him to leave us alone and only show concern for his own kids. I would like to know what you, and The DA feel about this? Would you feel uncomfortable about a 40 year old man texting your 10 year old daughter because he feels as though he’s being concerned and proactive? Get a life buddy!

I would contact the Police and ask them to look at his hard drive. Who knows what kind of pictures this guy has of your daughter… he sounds way creepy.- nik

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