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THE DIRTY ARMY: so this is another dirty celeb who actually uses being on the dirty to try and gain fame. Mindi here is the type of female who pays professionals to take her pics and then goes around telling every one she is a model. she has NO ass and NO titties. She doesnt even have a pretty face any more. She use to dance for the new Orleans voodoo dolls till she had a random drug screen and oppsie came back with cocaine in her system. She moved away from the city in hopes to cover her name after she got caught in a married mans bed and beat up by his wife. This girl use to be so pretty and had a lot going for her, but now her head got so big from the drugs and attention of the voodoo dolls that she slipped down hill faster then a fat man tripping over his ball sack in the skating ring. She is on so many pills that she claims she slept with and toured with lil wayne, drake, and even Justin Bieber!! yes even BIEBER. She also claims that channing tatium cheated on his wife with her when he was down here filming a movie. These drugs must be super awesome if she believes all that. What do you think nik?

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