THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! My name is Ashlynn, and I have some dirt that every girl out there should know about this scumbag!!! A couple weeks ago, I met Doug in a club and we hit it off. 24 hours of texting non stop, calls here and there. We finally hung out. I just turned 21 a month ago I am a good christian girl and he made me believe that he wanted to date me. Long story short, since I was little vowed to remain a virgin till I found the one and I thought this was the one. Well… we had sex then the calls and texts stopped. Felt a little odd so I went to the Dr. to get a check up and found out I have vaginal drd. I am not saying that I am not to blame here, I had sex with someone who I barely knew because my heart felt something for this person. I just want every girl out there to be super careful with him, he is dirty and a lying sack of shit.