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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch always tweeting like she is the shit she has like 7,000 followers and she don’t do shit like sing act or anything she probably just sucks that dick hard. She is always getting someone number on twitter or flirting with someone and then she post photos of her and boobs like its attractive she is a fat ass bitch and so is her best friend she lives in Fort Worth and acts like she is God gift to earth and always talking shit about black girls weaves I wear weave and i’m black thats fcked up she claims to be white as fck and hates mexicans, yet her last name is valdez. she is a hoe and every guy at UNT talks about how they want to hit it cuzz she EZ I had to unfollow her ass becuzz shit was getting annoying oh and her fish lips and body shots on instagram hahahah she wears a birthday cake for makeup some of the basketball players at UNT said she has the best head game ever and she claims she dated a dallas cowboy at one point who played football for UNT dumb bitch .

Stop taking pictures of yourself, there’s work to be done.- nik

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