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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok everyone meet Tabitha Bohnstehn. She’s 20 years old but she acts like shes still 16, acts like a blonde bimbo, and has no self respect or respect towards other people. She talks to atleast 3 guys at a time and tells all of them that she’s in it for the long run and only had sex with one guy (we all know THATS a lie)
She enjoys going to Colorado to get with her legal brother in law and then comes back to Kansas to go back to her other boy toys. she works at BMW and does nothing but lie, lie, lie, and cheat the system. She will tell her boss she has a “last minute” doctor appt., stay clocked in, and go find a comfy bmw to sleep in for a couple hours before she comes back to work. PATHETIC!!! she likes to ditch her friends, who have obviously been there for her much more than her new “friend”. please. she claims she is still in love with her ex even though she gets it in every weekend. this girl is a conniving liar and she doesn’t care if she gets caught up in a lie or hurt other people’s feelings with the lies. she likes to put her ass on guys’ face. i mean come on. what lady does that? you should try growing up and acting your age. she will continue to do what she wants when she wants and how she wants until she finally decides to grow up and quit whoring around and sticking your ass on guys’ face. she even tries to get with one of her co-workers whose wife di** and he has 3 kids and she STILL tells people she wants to f*ck him..disgusting. i can’t believe u even have friends. Nik please tell me what you think of this catfish with lips.?

I think girls pulling that prank is to risky.- nik

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