Trampa To A Whole New Level

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Trampa to a whole new level.

Trampa to a whole new level.

Trampa to a whole new level.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I honestly don’t know how no one has posted about this lowlife before… Meet Brittany Hammock AKA Drama Central, your local neighborhood piece of sh*t. To begin with, she has no education, takes xanax all day long, no job, no looks, body, or personality. She followed the hoe handbook and found herself a nice guy to have a baby by, now she has sucked every bit of self-worth and happiness out of him, as well as guilting him in to paying for everything from gas, drugs, and shopping money while cheating on him constantly and using their son as a tool to keep a roof over her head and money in her pocket. She is a HUGE sl*t but is very good at playing the victim card (he drove her into someone elses arms) basically “blah, blah, blah Im a stupid whore” P.S Cops have responded to her house several times for domestic violence against him!! She has no goals in life and basically plans on living off of other people forever (better get that rat face fixed and some +2’s) She drives away every friend she gets because she is such a hot fucking mess. Do yourself a favor if you see this trainwreck out and keep walking, her p*ssy probably isn’t even worth that shot your buying her.

I think her mug shot looks better than her modeling shot.- nik

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