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san antonio tx TRASH DUMP!

san antonio tx TRASH DUMP!

THE DIRTY ARMY: im pretty sure all san antonio know whos this Greg lovely trashy ghetto hoe is (: angie avila is one nasty hoe she fcks with every guy that calleds her “sexy” or whatever stupid comments ! the funny part is .. she claims shes a fcking VIRGIN ! LMAO. bt shes know as the CREEEK HOE! thats her title in san antonio . she doesnt even own clothes that fit this bitch she always showing her stretch marks and flappy ass stomach and her face.. i dont even know where to start she thinks shes a 10 but she anit even on a scale ! nasty hoe has different guys everyday & messes with girls boyfriends how skanky is that! this bitch is just gross, so tell me nik what you think?

She sleep with anyone who calls her second phone, but that doesn’t make you hot.  Your face limits you to a 2.34555, no matter what you do .- nik

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