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THE DIRTY ARMY: Kristin Young. What a catch right? Nik She spends her quality time with her kid (if she even has her kid). And even when she does have her, she uses that time to invite the Cass County trash fest to mommy and daddy’s house to throw mad parties and takes wonderful pictures of underage drinking with her BABY DAUGHTER IN THE PICTURES. And if she isn’t in the pictures it’s because her parents are watching her or pawns her off to her father (who is a great father at that, for real) Proud mommy moment right? She lives at her parents in the basement because she got knocked up when she was in high school and can’t afford to live on her own anymore because baby daddy stopped paying their rent. Consequences of being a total bitch, I guess. She also met the boy she is absolutely in love with after 3 months and has her daughter around him all the time. Little does she know he is never faithful…good luck. Such a healthy life style she is setting up for her kid. She also likes to post her daily life on Facebook so her baby daddy can see how “happy she is”. When in reality she is nothing but a dumb bitch stuck in high school thinking she is all high and mighty because she gets drunk every weekend and takes pictures of it. That is what the most important thing is after all, when being a 20 year old single mother. Hope these pictures hold some great memories for your daughter when she grows up, and she can ask you the question, “Where was I when you were getting wasted half naked with all your friends?” But then you can just show her the ones of her in them. Round of applause for you Kristin, you have set the bar for every young mother in the world. Here is your award for being the worst mother of the year. Try not to let your precious baby girl get a hold of any open containers, I would hate for child services to step in.

So what does all the time at the clubs/partying equal?? since that’s most of it.- nik

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