Trashy Fat Girl

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Fat trashy wh*re

Fat trashy wh*re

Fat trashy wh*re

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl, Angela Brownoff is a piece of trash like no other. Since she was 12 she’s been sneaking out of her house for a piece of ass. She’ll fuck anything that will fuck her, considering she’s the size of a small freighter and smells just as bad. She’s abused drugs and has an eating disorder too, as if that would help her shrink her small size. She also seems to think that wearing clothing about 15 sizes too small will help but I can assure her it does not.
She hangs off any man she can find that she can suck for money. Worked for two escort agencies in town. She loves horses, and not just for riding if you catch my drift. I haven’t even gotten to the best part….her mother is a long time local politian Judy Brownoff, and she has NO idea what her daughter is up to because she’s too busy trying to decide where to build an apartment building to care. Stop trying to use your cunt to get rich and get a life, Angela.

That horse is strugglin.- nik

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