Trashy Nasty And Skanky

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Nasty. Trashy. Sk@nky.

Nasty. Trashy. Sk@nky.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik, here’s the deal. This chick is Sarah Br**. She’s technically from Belleville, IL. And one of the biggestttt sl*ts from here. She’s only 18 and has already had 2, possibly 3, abortions and im sure some STDs. No one is really sure what she has, but guys who have been there, say its pretty nasty. She doesn’t live in Belleville anymore because almost every person here hates her. Her mom, dad, and grandma have all kicked her out of their houses. Her mom is now paying for her to go away to college just to get her away from here. You might be wondering why everyone hates her so much, well theres a lot of reasons. For starters, she is a compulsive liar and a theif. Steals anything she can get her hands on, money, clothes, makeup. Even her grandma’s medicine because she wants to try to get f*cked up off it. She thinks she’s so sexy and that everyone wants her. But the only reason she’s even close to skinny is because she’s severly bulimic. I have seen this wh*re go down her contacts calling every guy asking them to f*ck her that night. If that’s not a desperate h*e than I don’t know what is. .

Shes young, she better get a reality check now or forever be a bottle rat sloot sucking gregs for quarters.- nik

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