Trinity Rose

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, This here is Trinity Rose. Also known as the Craigslist Whore. She enjoys putting posts on Craigslist, inviting over random men to meet up and have some fun..(If you know what I mean) She also has 2children. A little girl and a boy. I myself have witnessed her having strange men go in and out of her house on a daily basis. I’ve gone over to her house to only have her daughter answer the door because her mother was to busy getting it on in her bed room to even bother to watch her kids. She NEVER cleans her home, it almost always has Moldy Bread lying around. Cleaning chemicals out where her daughter and her 1yr old son to get to…(Not like she uses them anyways)Then there has been times I have gone over to her children left alone in her home. When I ask her 4yr old daughter where her mother is she tells me she don’t know……. CPS has been called on her and every time they go over she has her mother go and help clean her house so they wont see how filthy her home is. She never changes her son’s Diaper and when she does she sets the diaper wherever. The men of Reno need to know about her. As well as the women. Do NOT trust her. She will try to get your man into sleeping with her. She is two-faced and can not be trusted as far as you can throw her. If things don’t go her way she will slander your name everywhere….PLEASE BE AWARE RENO. DON’T TRUST THIS WOMAN!!!

Is she showing the ripples on the back of her leg out of concern or cause she thinks they look good.- nik

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