THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, long time reader but first time submitter. You aren’t shy about your opinion of darker skin girls but I wanted to know your thoughts on the opposite end of the spectrum. As a natural blonde and blue eyed chick (think Amanda Seyfried) I’m also blessed with the inability to hold a good tan. I know it seems trivial, but compared to the beautiful girls I see posted here as well as around Dallas, I am beginning to think my fair skin is definitely holding me back from reaching my potential. I have been an avid fan of tanning beds and spray tans in the past but the upkeep and fear of premature aging has kept me away. So Nik and the DA, is a fair skin girl pretty much a deal breaker or overlooked if everything else on her looks good?

I’m all about the fair skin look these days. It makes me feel like I’m having sex with a virgin.- nik