Tucson 12’s Stripper


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Tucson 12's Stripper

Tucson 12's Stripper

Tucson 12's Stripper

Tucson 12's Stripper

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we go with another Tucson stripper. Only difference is that this one is one of the new members of the Tucson 12. A Pima student who has only taken a few classes at the UofA, she somehow met their requirements. She should represent the Tucson 12 well. One of the dirtier strippers currently working at Curves, you can find her various places around town completely wasted, looking for pepsi and other fun extracurricular items. Really annoying girl. I knew her several years ago before she was a total sloot. Anyone who has been with her has to have gotten something. This girl NASTY! Supposedly she only likes white greg, but at the end of the night she will happily CHASE purple crayon. Nik, put this ugly little sloot on blast. The Tucson 12 really needs to reevaluate what they are all about.

Although disfigured Tucson’s looking better then Scottsdale right now.- nik

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