Tulare Trash


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Tulare TRASH!!!

Tulare TRASH!!!

Tulare TRASH!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Trisha Curiel. My buddy has been bangin this chic for sometime now, he’s been given her money to get buy and they do the deed and he will give her some money. Well he recently found out shes been messin around on him and stealin from him, so time to put her out. He said girls puss is the loosest, smelliest, floppiest, puss he’s ever had. He said she has the hairiest a$$ he’s ever seen on a girl. She will steal from ANYONE, she got kicked outta her apartment for stealing from her roommates. Shes stolen from her own family, she steals money, clothes, jewelry, and even other girls panties. She was engaged at one point but couldn’t keep her legs closed! Her front right tooth is dead thats why its dis-colored, and she plans to get a denture there before this coming summer. Shes also had numerous abortions. And heres the biggest shock, SHES PREGNANT and doesnt know who the father is! I just hope its not my buddy!

She has one thick force field on, no doubt trying to hide the size of that beak.- nik

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