Two Faced Ashley

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Haha so this bitch put me on here a while ago, and the ironic part is she is so much worse than anyone on this site at all, so I decided to put her filthy ass on blast! Hey don’t dish it out if you cant take it! This is the biggest two faced whore I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. Not only does this whore act like shes best friends with whoever shes hanging out with at the time (by talking shit about everyone she isn’t currently surrounded by) but she acts way too conceited for how goddamn ugly she truly is, inside and out. Her boy has even told her to her face that she is a fake whore, and man is he right. She will suck any dick for some heroin and is the fakest of the fakes. Her bra is so padded you’d think she’s hiding all her used up tampons in there, is sure smells like it. Put this bitch on blast for being the scum of the earth she is, and because her mother finally needs to know that the money shes supposedly giving her for rent is only going to enable her growing addiction to heroin and cock.

Those GP’s (greg pleasers/piercings) are pretty deep in her mouth.  Just saying.- nik

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