Two Faces Emilee

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik, I have a winner for you right here. This is Emilee Bliek. She is the local drama wh*re of Oak Harbor, Washington. She is the biggest fake of the island. She is the queen of leading people on. She will make plans then flake on you on a daily basis. She lies strait to your face and tell you how much you mean to her and how she needs you in her life as her best friend only to screw you over again. She feeds everyone BS from a silver plater. Makes everyone feel sorry for her. She’s takes the meaning hypochondriac to whole new level. Something always has to be wrong with her just for her to get attention and get noticed. She thrives of being pitied. Don’t get all caught up in her stories if innocents, she is most certainly the town bicycle. There is most certainly enough guys to go around, there is a naval base up here and im sure shes been with half of them. Her newest victims are the car scene guys though. She will approach you asking to help her with car just for you to throw your hot dog down the hallway. She will toy with your emotions. She “likes to play with here food before she eats it.” Before the next guy gets screwed over by this excuse of a human being, I as you Nik and the Dirty Army to put this vandersloot on blast!

I have always wanted to live on an island.- nik

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