Tyler Hawthorne


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the worst guy i’ve ever been with. whats really made me mad is the fact tyler has been telling everyone to ignore what people have been saying on his girlfriends dirty post thats up here. not everyone knew about us being together and he even tried to cover up everything we did together because his girlfriend asked him one day after someone told her about us seeing each other he than texted me right away saying are you telling anyone we were together and please were not seeing each other leave me alone im taken now. I hope your happy with your self tyler because everyone in selkirk has been telling me im the biggest slut and whore now. thanks to you i’ve had to defend myself because you even had the nerve to tell your friend that you didnt do a single thing with me. you were the one who came up to me when you were eatting at work and wanted to talk to me so bad and thought I was cute and so great looking. did you do that with your girlfriend. she isn’t to liked by everyone either! I take it after you finished your last day at the golf course and the gas station you thought it was over between us? is that why you blocked &deleted me from facebook after you got your new job in winnipeg? so i guess when I asked you back in the summer if you were seeing anyone you lied? Funny thing is the girl your seeing is friends with a girl I worked with and told me you were seeing her in summer when you asked me out! your the biggest player in selkirk. I kinda thought when I texted you after you left selkirk to work in winnipeg you took along time to reply and you kept saying you were with your guy friends in winnipeg but all along you were with another girl. you could have told me you were seeing another girl and not play me along like you did, telling me how cute and nice I was and acting all flirty with me. I didnt delete all of our messages either and wont because im going to show everyone that your the biggest scum bag. seeing how everyone is commenting on me on your girlfriends dirty post all let her know if she even cares that you texted me the same night you saying you were with a girl you went to school with and wanted to spend some time with her and her friend than you posted a picture on your facebook wall the same night saying the things you do for a girlfriend she made me try a green facial! good thing I kepted all the photos of you before you deleted and blocked me off facebook because I knew back in the midle of aug you were with anything girl. so heres the proof of the photos I kepted of you and of us being together. your girlfriend will see now all these photos were taken the exact time we were together and she will ask you now how did all my photos get out.tyler you played me and all the other girls at work because all you wanted was sex and a girl to talk to. no wonder all the girls would laugh at you when you tryed to flirt and be a funny guy. did you tell your girlfriend oh im a virgin and have never had sex yet. your girlfriend can teach you more than I can from what says on her post. at the staff party you wouldnt even come sit at my table or even look at me because you knew i was going to say something to you.no one likes you tyler and i kinda wanted the guys to do something to you when you were at the party but of course you take off cause you felt really scared some guy was going to beat you up. everyone laughed at you when you had to get help to protect you as ran out. it will catch up to you tyler and every girl in selkirk will know your a scumbag cheater. tyler lives at[removed] his number is [removed]. your brother told me you work lots of late shifts I hope you enjoy spending the nights at 920 alantic ave with your girlfriend. Got that from my sisters friends! if your girlfriend doesnt believe you cheated and knowing you are the bigger player, one day all end up running into her because I know where she lives and works too. enjoy being a man whore tyler. oh by the way my friends were the ones who egged your house on gatenight. dont ever text me again or all end up goig to the cops and you know exactlee why. nik the last photo is tylers facebook profile picture so everyone can see what this asshole looks like. tyler and his girlfriend are now both up on the dirty for duing the exact same thing to everyone cheatering

Busted!- nik

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