EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Perry – Shuts Down Ex-Employee/Alleged Stalker’s $10 Million Lawsuit Over Trashing His Name On Social Media

EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Perry – Shuts Down Ex-Employee/Alleged Stalker’s $10 Million Lawsuit Over Trashing His Name On Social Media

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Tyler Perry has shut down his ex-employee/alleged stalker’s $10 million dollar lawsuit – accusing his studio of allowing sexual harassment in the office and ruining his reputation by trashing him on social media — due to a judge dismissing the year+ long legal battle.

Back in 2014, Perry sued his ex-employee and alleged stalker named Joshua Sole. The suit was the result of an incident at Perry’s studio office where Sole barricaded himself in the office and refused to leave before speaking to the director. He was charged with criminal trespassing. He demanded a restraining order and $100k in damages.

Shortly after, Sole filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Perry, his studios and an employee named Brett Hendrix. He accused the director of allowing sexual harassment to take place by Hendrix in the offices. Sole worked as a production assistant and said his supervisor Hendrix often touched him inappropriately, called him “baby” and offered him drugs in anticipation of sexual favors.

Sole claimed after he reported the sexual advances he was suspended from work and eventually fired. He demanded damages for the mental anguish and loss of income. He also accused Perry of ruining his reputation by posting on Facebook following his arrest that he was “mentally disturbed”.

Perry fired back saying the supervisor was never an employee at his studios and therefore he cannot be liable for any alleged misconduct. He accused Sole of consenting to Hendrix’s behavior and welcomed it. In regards to his Facebook post he pointed to the first amendment … and demanded the entire lawsuit be tossed.

The lawsuit has been pending for over a year and the court reached a decision this week and sided with Perry by throwing out the alleged stalker’s lawsuit and awarded him nothing. The judge explains all claims against the director are dismissed along with his company and Hendrix … saying Sole did not verbalize any complaints to higher ups and points out he even went to his supervisors house after the alleged advances.

Further, the court believes Sole did not provide evidence to prove it was a hostile work environment or that Perry was responsible for any wrongdoing.


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