THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this here is Nikki some delusional b*tch who goes to school with me at the Unviersity of Tampa or at least she did I havent seen her around since this time last year so who knows if that dumb girl actually managed to stay in school. Anywho I had heard from multiple people that this sk*nk slept with my boyfriend at some point last year right before we got together. She thinks she hot sh*t cuz she has big boobs and a big butt but that doesnt make up for the fact the your’e a cow sweetie! And I went through my boyfriends phone a couple days ago and saw that they had been texting each other nothing sexual at least not yet though I’m sure this sl*t has it on her mind. But what I really want to know Nik, is do you think I should take this beached whale as a serious threat?!?

Your boyfriend has terrible taste… I’m guessing you look like a fish too.- nik