Typical Tucson Trash


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nk since this bitch loved all the attention she got from the last post… heres another. this fat slore is named coco shugzda. she has no real friends because of what a crazy nasty bitch she is. since she got posted on here she’s pretty much lost all her friends. this bitch is DELUSIONAL. she really thinks she’s pretty, gorgeous, popular, has lots of friends. but all people keep her around for is her wheels. everyone talks shit about her behind her back and only puts up with her because she will call the police on anyone who doesn’t do something her way. whenever you confront her about her idiotic slore ways, she just says that YOURE just jealous. JEALOUS OF WHAT?? your NASTY pink, fried crusty hair? your disgustingly stained teeth?? your gigantic gut with the crease in the middle? (you know what i’m talking about) How can someone who OBVIOUSLY only has ONE friend, NOEL LEVITSKI, who is pregnant and also smokes a TON of meth with her and is the one in the harley quinn getup, think she is hot stuff?? when she used to go-go dance she would jiggle ALL OVER the pleace and I remember hearing guys actually gag!! NEWSFLASH BITCH: NO ONE LIKES YOU, no one wants you around, and honestly most people would be happy if you MOVED OUT OF TUCSON!!! and ALSO stay away from everyone’s man!! NONE of them will EVER want you! and you are just EMBARRASSING yourself when you even try!! remember coco, EVERYONE is laughing at you!

Where are her tats?? that’s all she’s missing.- nik

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