Ugh Amanda Miller

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Amanda Miller... nuff said

Amanda Miller... nuff said

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty wh*re is Amanda Miller. She’s caused a lot of sh*t lately and I’d love to give her what she deserves. First of all this girl is dirty as sh*t, she wears a pound of make up just to try to cover up her fugly face sadly it doesn’t work. Secondly she is the biggest sloot I’ve ever met, she sleeps with anything with a d*ck no matter what… she tried to take her ex-best friends guy and when she couldn’t get him she made the other girl look stupid and desperate which was not the case. She takes everything from mommy and daddy without appreciating anything they do for her. For exemple they bought her a car(that they couldn’t afford) which she was supposed to help pay for when she got a job but continuely put off job hunting and paying. And last but not least after losing all of her friends she got rejected by Cory Shaver the most disgusting guy in all of Winnipeg thats just pathetic… She is the DIRTIEST girl in charleswood and continuously causes sh*t. What do you think Nik?

It’s like her gut is in a perfect circle of fat.- nik

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