Uma Thurman Makes Bizarre Outfit Choice For Cannes

Uma Thurman Makes Bizarre Outfit Choice For Cannes

Recently, Uma Thurman appeared at the  Women in Motion by Kering Party and her outfit choice was… bizarre.

While someone can be heard in the clip above saying Thurman looks stunning we too were a bit stunned, but not in a good way.

The top half of Thurman’s outfit is a very pretty glittery dress (that seems to be falling off a drop), but the bottom is where things fall apart, as it looks like it’s made out of a faux animal skin rug or a really bad silvery grey toupee. Whatever it is, it’s odd, and it makes the outfit not work in our opinion.

Uma, we’ve loved you for ages and you’re still the star of some of our favorite films including Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. Please do better with your outfit choice next time. We have confidence you can.

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