THE DIRTY ARMY:Introducing Michelle Saenz/Hernandez! This unfit mom can’t seem to find a stable home. She messes around with little boys who are young enough to be her son. Her entire life is a lie! She cant fight for herself. I’ve seen her get her ass whooped by two pregnant bitches and a bitch who just a baby. She photo shops her pictures. Anyone who knows her, knows damn well that her stomach isn’t as flat as she makes that seem. She wastes her kids child support on herself rather than her kid. She’s always out until 4am or more with her son knocked out in the back seat. Poor kid, he’s never in a booster or buckled up when his mom is driving/racing around town trying to find another dick. It’s bad enough she couldn’t handle her first son, she pawned him off with her mom. I feel so bad for her children. All she’s worried about is her car and BOYS!Showing off your abs and happy trail isn’t gunna make anyone jealous.- nik

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