THE DIRTY ARMY: My ex friend Caitlyn Hicks (caitlyn ckay hicks on fb) put this up here about me because I told her husband that she is a cheater. She is a horrible wife she has slept with multiple guys since they have been married (2 years). One of the guys she happened to sleep with is her Brother in-law (jimmy Scott on fb). She stooped so low to have even slept with jimmy in her and her husbands bed. she slept with him at their house while her husband was home too. She is the True belleville slut! she was just upset because I let her husband know about her nasty secrets. Some of the stuff she put up here bout me is true like living in a trap house because I had no where else to go because I got kicked out of my parents house but getting trains ran on me and bragging about it is not true at all. Or sleeping with 70 guys. Oh and Caitlyn Hicks husbands name is Corey Hicks please feel free to let him know about his cheating sluty wife.

That’s a big couch…- nik