Used To Be My Friend

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch use to be my friend then i took her and her 3 kids in and her stupid boyfriend in and they ruend my life not only did they steal from me they slpit my bf and i up her peace of crap boyfriend is very fond of beeting women up i had to buy her kids beds as she would spend all her money on alcohole in stead of hetr kids when the kids moved into my house they were sleeping on the floore the baby would were the same cloaths for days and days and go hours with out a diper change there would be time were she would have no food for her kids as she had spent all her money on alcohol in the 2 months she was livving with me i seen her bath her kids twice thats gross then when my bf and i started notcing things going missing from are house he finally told them they had to leave they destroyd my house played my bf and i against each other and in this 2 months i wached kendra cheet on craig ross with numris men for money and beer this girl is nobodys friend she will use you then ditch u soon as she no longer needs you she also talks about everyone behind thwere backs but can not say anything to anyones face please be warned about this girl she is not someone to have in your life she will pretend to be your friend but is not really her boyfriend is a crck head and is very fond of hitting women as kendra will not fight her own battles i curently have a broken nose from her boyfriend he will rob you blind the first chance he gets please be warned of thease 2 they are not good people at all and they are terribole parents craig is constanly hitting and yelling at the kids kendra neglects them and for the mostpart keeps them in there rooms all day half the time the 2 older ones do not even make it to schools as kendra is too hung over to take them just every one be warnd kendar nolan and craig ross are the worst kinda people.

So these aren’t the same people…coulda fooled me, I’da called tranny all day.- nik

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