User and Abuser

If you see this man walking towards you, run as fast as you can. At first, he seems like a nice, decent, and hardworking man. He will pretend to be great and caring….until he has you. And then you will see that he is really a drug addict and a woman beater. He hides his problems very well at first, but it comes out eventually. He has domestic assault charges on him right now because my child had to call 911 late one night while he was beating me. And God forbid you done between him and his drugs. He will kill you over that stuff. He will steal your money and even fight you to take it..even when it’s meant for bills. The dates will be great and romantic at first, but pretty soon, every dollar that he or you gets will just go to drugs. He will promise you daily that it’s the last time, and you will probably give in just because you can’t take what happens when you say no, and he will leave you an empty, broken she’ll of a person..JUST SAY NO!!!

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