Uses Soldiers For Money

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whores name is Samantha Meade, she jumps from soldier to soldier sleeping her way around the base and convincing guys she’s a good person. The minute she finds a guy that sticks around longer Hun a week she convinces them to let her move in with them, then drains their money until their broke then she runs. She’s done it to three guys I know and still convinces more to hook up with her. She’s a bitch and a useless whore she drained my friend of hundreds of dollars and put him into so much debt while he was in the hospital for a seizure from the stress of living with her and she never went to visit him and couldn’t care less about him, just took his debit card took money out her got drunk while he was in the hospital. Did the same hang to the next guy and her roommate too. She’s only after your money and once hats gone so is she. She’s a control freak and a bitch and thinks she’s hot shit because she works for cadets she shouldn’t be allowed I public. She’s a terrible fcking person that will ruin your life she sleeps around and heats on her guys as soon as she gets them… Stay as far away from her as possible.

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