Utahs Dirty Chick


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Utahs dirty of the dirtiest

Utahs dirty of the dirtiest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik this is Leina S** she is 24 years old. She has to be one of Utah’s nastiest STD dirty whore! She has been married 4 times in her 24 years, and going on her 5th marriage. Everyone at al lthe clubs knows her and her two friends. Because they’ve been everyone. They are banned from certain clubs. Put this girl on blast, she tries to put this image that shes a good little devoted mom of two. When she leaves her kids sleeping at night to go clubbing. Please let every guy out there she is nothing but a dirty STD filth goldigger! Please she deserves to be put on blast! Men don’t be fooled by the innocent face. She will use you until she has dried you out of money!

She must search for these guys online if she was able to strap down 5 guys already, till they found their balls and got rid of her.- nik

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