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i love needles pt.2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This heroin hooker is Amanda P***son (aka. SCABMANDA)! Her favorite past times include: banging dirty needles with other junkies, doing coke, perks, oxys, E, smoking meth or crack until her eyes roll back into her head, seducing married men into f*cking her for free drugs AND spamming the internet about a stripper named Drea F**sty (aka. Synthia St**ez). The story is, Amanda screwed Dreas boyfriend and in the end the (pathetic loser) guy chose to stay with his girlfriend Drea instead of being with Amanda. So now because she is so insanely jealous, she devotes all her time to embarrassing Drea all over the internet. This sewer donkey has not had a job in years so she spends all day at her computer (mangled on whatever she can find) obsessively hating on this chick! Amanda seriously needs to grow up and find a new hobby! she also has herp, warts and the clap, and in all the posts made about her, defends the fact that she likes ruin relationships by being “the other woman” and doesn’t even care if she spreads her diseases. LADIES BEWARE and watch your men around this hoe! She is scandalous TRASH!

Is it me or does that guy look like a thumb?- nik

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