Vanessa Paradis – Come Back To Planet Earth

Vanessa Paradis – Come Back To Planet Earth

Vanessa Paradis was caught at Los Angeles International Airport. When the paparazzi try to call her name, she completely ignores them. It’s as if she’s not sure she’s Vanessa.

Then, as they continue to try to interact with her, she puts her hand in front of her face. #RUDE

Vanessa, here’s our free advice: You haven’t been married to Johnny Depp since 2012 and, frankly, you’re not particularly relevant here in America.

We’ve previously questioned if your daughter might be an alien, but you definitely need to come back to planet Earth and realize that you’re famous for sleeping with a Pirate, so there’s no reason to put on such a terrible front.

Be one with the people, stop hiding.

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