Vendella Sonia Will Do Anything For A Handbag

Vendella Sonia Will Do Anything For A Handbag

THE DIRTY ARMY:  So Nik, this hooker Vendella Sonia has been on here before, she believes she is some top paid model. Vendella is so high on herself she believes she belongs in Hollywood, you belong in the porn industry- your trash you wreck family’s Vendella.

She thinks she’s a lingerie model, she has old pervert men taking nude photographs of her loose cannon. Then they Photoshop clothes on her Nik. This gonzo has a nose so large men complain when she sucks Greg it gets in the way. She sleeps with married men, boyfriends of friends and she even has affairs with fiances or babys daddys. Vendella Sonia doesn’t care, she just wants a free meal and a hand bag.

She works as a bottle rat server at night along with working at PR for rub and tug service, she puts G in guys drinks and steals they’re cash when they are sleeping not to mention she stole DOM Ps watch. Nik she sleeps with DADS too. She doesn’t mind breaking up happy homes all for a free meal and a bag. Nik put her on blast again.. Vendella your a sleeze and nobody wants you in Vancity.

If guys were smart they would take her to Nordstrom Rack. Same conversion rate for pennies on the dollar.- nik

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