Vinny Kane The Wannabe K Fed

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Vinny KANE the wanna be K-FED

Vinny KANE the wanna be K-FED

Vinny KANE the wanna be K-FED

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is VINNY KANE. I met him at near some cracked out club night on HOLLYWOOD BLVD. I invited him to my place, And he stole sh*t than dipped. THIS DUDE IS JACKER who takes girl’s clothes and wears them at clubs. He sometimes pretends to be PIT BULL. HE’S A WANNA BE RAPPER THAT SUCKS who NOBODY has even herd off. HE THINKS HE’S DOPE but what he really IS nothing more than a guy who is a thief lame and A GUY WHO THINKS HES K-FED because he get’s cracked out BLONDE Chicks. At LEAST him and K-Fed Got SOMETHING in common THEY MAKE BAD MUSIC.

Smallest most visible tats =- forgy douche.- nik

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