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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there are couple of posts lately about “beef” between Canada and U.S.A.. Proud Canadians love to compare themself with you American on some topics…What you do not know is that anglo Canadian dream of being American..Lets be honest, Canada sucks big time and even more since the conservative party own the majority..As a quebecer separatist (ooh no…) I want to exclude the province of Quebec from the rest of the Canada because we do not want to be affiliated in any manner with the rest of Canada.. They rape our langage as well as our culture… and they are jealous of our pretty girls because lets be honest… Canadian girls are uptight and not sexy at all compared to Quebecer girl with their latin touch and beauty…. just look how they walk with heels it is so unsexy…Since the Canadian sent so many anglo to Quebec… they kind of diluted the number of french speaking to a point where it is going really hard to do the separation… Nik help our province out…. convince our fellow canadians to throw us out of that conservative and boring country.. And by the way, why Canadian love the queen that much? The queen is printed on our bill which is a daily insult for 20% (the french speaking percentage of Canada) of the country and a constant reminder that we are fcked..Vive le Québec libre!! Dean Pelletier Nota Bene: please post it, as french quebecer I would totally love to feel the hate from the rest of Canada… It is really funny how they love to hate us.. Post Scriptum: I hope Nik you will not mix french from France and french from Canada… there is nothing left similar except the langage and love of wine and good life.


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