Vivica A. Fox Continues To Alienate The Gay Community

Vivica A. Fox Continues To Alienate The Gay Community

Vivica A. Fox, who took some heat for making a comment she made towards the beginning of the year about her Las Vegas strip show Vivica’s Black Magic being not for gay men, as her strippers “dance for women,” it’s clear the subject is still a sore one.

Fox was spotted outside Catch Restaurant in West Hollywood, California, and while she was friendly enough at first, the second that story was brought up, she quickly got upset.

“You just lost me,” she told the reporters, when the subject was broached, and proceeded to ignore them the rest of the time they were around her.

While she had apologized for her initial comment, we’re left asking… Vivica, what are you doing? While the question may have irritated you or you may have felt it was old news, the way you reacted certainly doesn’t do anything to make the gay community feel like your apology was sincere.

Luckily for the gay men who want to venture to strip clubs/shows, there’s lots out there willing to accept their money… as far as Vivica, even if she was to welcome gay men in, we suggest they pass.

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