Walking Dirty


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Walking STD

Walking STD

Walking STD

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, alright so this is Brad Davis from Champaign IL. Let me tell you about this waste of life white trash. He goes to EIU and spends most of his time with his “Bros” looking for the next freshman to sleep with. It’s amazing that he even gets girls considering he has be tested positive for DRD. He recent conquest was his 5-head sister’s friend. This girl Jess Ashley and Amanda Gardner (first picture) must have created a pregnancy pack or some sh*t can you guess where I’m going with this? YUP he “whammed” this girl Jess while she was pregnant knowing he could literally get his d*ck wet but couldn’t get her knocked up. This girl didn’t think about her unborn child much because everyone knows that DRDS can get transferred. This white trash needs to be put on blast so that everyone knows that if they see him out an about make sure you wrap yourself up in a condom cause we all know he hasn’t.

It’s like he’s posing in front of the school to prove he isn’t retarded.- nik

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