Walking Public Health Concern — Emma Perry

Walking Public Health Concern — Emma Perry

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is Emma Perry. She is a walking stereotype, she slept with my husband and half of the married dads in the neighborhood either through watching their kids or hired to do odd jobs like dog watching or cleaning etc. This little tramp has been making her rounds for a long time and she’s only 18. My husband would drive her home after her babysitting and would be gone for an hour when it only should have taken him 10 minutes. I should have known better.

One mom said Emma left her laptop at her house and one folder was filled with porn and pictures of her in little or nothing, stripping etc. There were videos of her blowing one guy who she thought was one of the neighborhood dads, who knows! I swear she used my hidden sex toys.

My pig ex husband set up nanny cams all over the house of which I found the memory cards recently. Half of them are her walking around in little to nothing after the kids were asleep and even masturbating. She knew they were cams were there since she looked right at them. She came onto me more than once and after speaking with the neighborhood ladies she did to them too, who knows if she had sex with them. Same with half the neighborhood girls.

I know one couple that are swingers so she probably did both of them since she seemed to be at their place a little to often. Emma sure has made her way around semi affluent areas of Brookline where I live, everyone knows her either by name or sight. She’d wear the smallest swimsuits possible while in our or the neighbors pool, now I see she just wasn’t being young she was loving the attention of the dads and wives. Emma is now consistently sleeping with my now separated husband and says he’s her ‘boyfriend, he’s almost 50! Gross!

I hear she’s living there part time, wears my younger teen daughters clothes etc. All of my husbands friends are envious from what I hear, has her dress like a floozy in micro miniskirts so he can ‘be the man’ and show off in front of them. Needless to say we’re divorcing, he’ll rarely see his kids and he’ll be paying out big-time! Enjoy your little F-doll while it lasts loser!

Why do I have an erection right now? Must mean that I’m healthy.- nik


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