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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Amanda Arnier is a monster! She had a complete Kim Kardashian wedding!  Married for not even 6 months. This girl just ruined the sanctity of a holy marriage!  dont even think she knows what it even is. This girl deserves the hurt and embarrassment from her friends and the whole world wide web. Shes created and molded her reputation that this post wont even put a dent in what she created on her own. Now im not going to sit here and call her a whore (which she is) or cyber harass. This post is to just open some eyes and minds and show how women these days get married for the fun of it, screwing around still while being engaged it makes me sick. This wedding was beautiful i was there and even being in that environment with them i can tell the tears streaming down her face were fake. She doesnt love her now ex husband never did i mean what kind of relationship consists of constantly cheating and giving each other stds! And also she puts up godly things on fb really? no one will ever forget the godless she was still is and will always be. Only after a few months of marriage they both were up to the same shananagins they always did. CHEAT. If i recall right her ex husband liked to change his relationship status on fb.. shit id be embarrassed to if i married the town whore. But honestly its so hard to feel sorry for some one who has already been on here once which was well deserved and the things she does to people karma came around her corner fast. amanda should be ashamed of herself for trying to hide behind the word of God. Not even he can save your evil retched soul now. its like satin himself lives inside you with your curse of lust adultery lying cheating and also back stabbing your friends.

Why would anyone wanna linger in a washroom where someones taking a sh*t.- nik

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