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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chris Mills, a.k.a Chris Millz, on Facebook Chris Mills (Got Skillz). I’m surprised he hasn’t been posted up here before considering he’s a total dirt bag! He tells people he’s a drug and alcohol counselor but its only to gain peoples trust so he can get access to very young girls. He likes to have sex with 14 year old kids.Two years ago he gave my friends teenage daughter herpes. He tells everyone he has a brain injury and that had to learn how to walk and talk again e.c.t to try and make himself look like some kind of hero. His story is grossly exaggerated and he neglects to mention he was an alcoholic who drank himself stupid. The only injury he had was totally self induced. Why on earth he thinks hes accomplished is beyond me. It’s not like he got into an accident and ended up disabled. He brags that before he came to Canada he used to rob banks. He also brags that he has ties to the Bacon Brothers, the Red Scorpions, and multiple other gangs. A few years ago he was a driver for an escort agency and all the girls hated him because he creeped them out. He’d stare at them like he was going to bust a nut in his pants and would constantly offer to pay a few of them for sex without a condom. He constantly brags about how his buddy is a pimp and how he drives around with him watching his girls e.c.t. It’s funny how a 40 something year old dude actually thinks he’s impressing people with his criminal lifestyle. He can’t get his Greg up for his girlfriend Laurie, she thinks it’s because shes fat but it’s because he prefers 14 year old’s and anal sex. He told me the only way his Greg works is if a chick is under 16 or if he’s in ass. I personally think he’s in the closet because from what I hear his Greg only salutes for the rear end. He brags how Mike Hackert is his “good buddy” and in the same story he says Alisha Dander, who is Mike’s girl friend, sucks him off and he laughs about it. He said “every time Mike kisses Alisha, he’s kissing my load”, “he might as well just come suck me off too.”

I’m not gunna mention why I think he has that mask on.- nik

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