THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s name alejandro juarez he works at acapulco mex restaurant and he’s current girlfriend ernestina mata works at acapulco as well they are both h** positive so he said? Anyways I was with him for almost 4 years this dude likes to treat all the women like shit to top it off he tries to rape women as well he tried doing it to my own sister and later I found out she was not the only one he has tried doing this to? The only thing I’m glad is that he got hiv from he’s current girlfriend that me and my son are clear of all that? He has a son but does not help at all with him cuz that btch that he’s dating is a 2 face big time she tries to hurt kids her own son was taken away from her so don’t let this bitch close to your kids? This 2 are so dirty but just keep in mind what I’ve said 1 works at the restaurant on gollihar and weber the other one on saratoga and weber? They live on dodd st?

That double popped collar is a new technique.- nik